Bring your production to life with Cinematic Aerial content

Cinematic Aerial Filming

  • A Whole New Perspective
  • Professional Piloting
  • Fully CAA Approved

FreshGecko can offer professional drone filming either as part of a stand-alone commission fully produced in house, or provide high quality footage for 3rd party projects.

It is important that drone pilots have the skills needed to capture the shots you need in the safest way possible, with over 7 years experience we can assure you that we do. From cinematic landscape to complex tracking shots we can provide whatever your project needs.

Currently we have 5 drones in our hangar ranging from the small and versatile Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro, to the fantastic Inspire 2 (with both the X5s MFT camera and the X7s 35mm camera, – also the cinema DNG/ProRes license). For heavy lift we have the DJI S900 Hexacopter with various gimbal and camera options. We are also able to utilise the DJI M600 with the Ronin Gimbal for a seamless land to air workflow. This will carry Canon C300ii and Red Scarlet cameras with ease.

Site surveying  and industrial inspection is made far more cost effective and efficient using drone photography and filming. From rooftop inspection to thermal imaging, we can provide whatever your project needs.


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