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The Best Video Content For The Automotive Retail Sector

FreshGecko has been developing innovative content for the automotive industry for over 10 years now and has an extensive understanding of the requirements needed for such a diverse industry. From product promotion, social media and aftersales, to advertorials, product launches, dealership videos and internal comms. We are able to provide an engaging solution, whatever your project needs.

We are also able to offer Group, Divisional and Franchise rates depending on volume.

Dealership Videos

Site specific dealership videos are a great way of not only showcasing your product but showcasing your brand as a company and a commitment to that product. It helps you differentiate from the franchise down the road and conveys your group values and why people should choose you when making their buying decision. We all know that most buying decisions are made before the customer even gets to the showroom, its not about selling the product, itʼs about ensuring that the product is bought from you.

Product Videos

Why do you need a product video when the brand has sent you a generic one and there is a wealth of information online about the product? For those very reasons, people can choose where they gather their information and who they trust to give it to them. By offering your own product videos you are also building the relationship with the customer at a vital stage of their buying journey. This is why a coordinated strategy is so important when approaching you customer engagement offering.

How to Videos

Another great way to engage with both existing and potential customers is by offering them instructional videos. From pairing a phone to fitting a roof rack the intentions are the same. Engaging with your customers at this level is vital for customer retention and cementing your relationship with them. This effort on your part goes a long way to maintaining loyalty to YOUR brand, not just your product’s brand.


As we all know, from a revenue perspective aftersales has the biggest margin along with development potential. This is why a coordinated approach to conveying your aftersales messages correctly to your customers is essential. From service plans to tyres and winter checks it is essential that you keep your current and potential customers both informed and engaged by your offering, and continue that relationship with them.


Another area of great potential is the Motability market, a powerful and engaging video showcasing why your brand cares can be the key point in the decision making process.

Quarterly Offers

Product specific offers outlining your quarterly offers or specific deals are a powerful way of connecting with customers and getting their business.

Social Media

Group, divisional, franchise and site specific creative content is again vital for conveying the right messages to your existing and potential customers and positioning your brand correctly as well as cementing your relationship with them. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter combined with the way video is consumed now make the possibilities of organic growth a fantastic opportunity.

Internal Comms

Employee engagement and staff satisfaction is essential for staff retention as well as productivity. A good comms structure ensures that staff feel part of the organisation and are kept informed. From CEO addresses to news across the group internal comms videos are an essential tool in maintaining a good communication structure and a workforce that feel a part of their groups objectives.


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