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Fresh gecko MacPro workflow

Key to the success of any creative content is identifying certain things before the journey begins. Our process takes into consideration the platforms you want to use your video on, your target audience, desired visuals and the mood or response you want to evoke. Once we have taken the brief and understood your objectives we will then create the concept for our production.

What do you get from FreshGecko?

Firstly  we use MacPro edit suites to create your stories. To an end user a video is a video! In the creative process it’s far from that. FreshGecko has years of experience that is invaluable in making sure your shoot goes to plan. Knowing how to work with people in the video, what equipment is best suited and the potential pitfalls that may be encountered with a project ensure that you get the best quality and value for your budget – and the best results.

With FreshGecko you can have the confidence that your project is being managed effectively and that your objectives will be met, or indeed exceeded with every project.

Right Tools for the jobʼ

Firstly – we use great kit, Canon and Sony 4K cameras along with high end peripherals as well as great glass.

At FreshGecko we are asked to tell stories for a diverse range of businesses and organisations, the experienced gained in so many different environments has given us a great understanding of how our kit works best in which situations.  This knowledge and expertise saves both time and money during a shoot and means that we get the best results possible for your budget in any environment.

Green Screen Studio

FreshGecko has our own portable professional green screen studio available for clients. This means that logistical headaches are eased because we come to you. We appreciate how difficult it can be and how precious a CEOʼs time may be, or the problems of organising several board members or Heads of Business to be in the same place at the same time. Our fully functional Green Screen studio can be set up on location making it much easier for you to organise your time and for us to get exactly what we need in your working environment.


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